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Church Mouse Blog - Chapter 6 (Summer to Advent 2008)

This blog records all of the important, memorable or disastrous events which occur at All Saints and in the Parish of Poplar. It therefore provides a narrative and pictorial record of the people and events in Poplar.

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Summer is over Andrew and Estelle leave us Harvest Festival
St Michael and Eeyore Eunice and things back stairs Another All Saints' Day
John Milbank lost for words Now we are four Advent - the year ends (video)
David Howard "read in"  
  15th Sept. Summer is officially over

Well I suppose the holidays are officially over - but at last the sun is shining, and Mudchute beckons, so you will have to wait a few days before this mouse finds his blog again. Of course the one thing I must record is the sad occassion of Andrew and Estelle moving on to Hackney. Pictures and the story will be here shortly.

  29th Sept. We say Goobye to Andrew, Estelle and Alexander

So at last we had to say another sad goodbye. Andrew has been a fabulous pastor and priest both to the people at Aberfeldy and also to all of us at All Saints. Both he and Estelle will be greatly missed.

There is a special page dedicated to Andrew, and for the time being he remains on the St Nick's pages of this web site until his replacement comes along.

He is off to Scotland for a well earned sabbatical and time for the family before launching himself into the life of South Hackney. St. John of Jerusalem is not very far away and so I expect we will still see a fair bit of Andrew in the future.

So for the time being all we can do is say "Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your hard work, love and care. God bless you and the family, and we hope to see you all again soon" Love from All Saints and St Nicks.

Andrew and Estelle
  2nd Oct. Harvest Festival for St. Saviour's School
Harvest Festival

I was just enjoying an after lunch snooze when upstairs I heard what seemed like a herd of elephants or giant cats charging into Church. I sneaked up and was nearly trampled underfoot by all the children of St Saviour's School along with a hundred grown up teachers and parents.

It was fun listening to them singing, ably led by the great conductor (aka the boss) from the lecturn. Then they all brought up their Harvest produce to place in front of the alter. What a dissapointment - it was all sealed in tins, not a single thing for a mouse to nibble. Not like when I was young in the country - then we had marrows, beans and tomatoes a plenty. Still it does go to the homeless so someone benefits.

Oct 3rd St Michael and Eeyore
You may be aware that St Michael's day has just passed. The Boss (old clever clogs) was telling a group of people about St Michael and asked them which organiations had him as their patron saint. Naturally there was a silence (well - do you know?), and so the boss pipes up with a clue - Eeyore - Eeyore - Eeyore. His audience were baffled as to how Michael could be the patron saint of donkeys, and so fell about laughing when they heard it was Ambulance drivers and the Police! So now we all look out for the passing police car speeding down the street going eeyore - eeyore.
  Oct 7th Eunice and things back stairs

Time to start introducing some of the stars of All Saints, and where better to start than with Eunice, our caretaker. Somehow she always manages to get up at the crack of dawn, open the Chruch gates (that deserves a medal in itself), make me a cup of tea, and then gets to work to make the Church spotlessly clean for the day's activities.

She hasn't been in the best of health, but is always there (except when she isn't - if you see what I mean), and admits to enjoying working in the Church!


Now,what a lot of you may not know is that a lot of things in the Church are high up. We were treated to the sight of the boss teaching the new Church-Warden how to close the top windows the other day. It looked scary. So hidden away from common sight is this ladder, not to get up to heaven but to clean the tops of things that get dusty.

We do take so many things for granted these days, so here's a cheer for cleanliness and all the people who give up their spare time to keep the Church healthy and clean.

  November 1st. Another All Saints' Day

Another crowded service - and this time on a Saturday, as we celebrated All Saints Day for the 185th time. Bishop Stephen joined us as did many old members of the Spy Club.

As usual the eats afterwards were great, and once again so much was left over for us mouses. There are two things All Saints does well, and that is services like this, and the eats afterwards.

This is a photo of the staff leaving after the service, and rather than give you another picture of the Bishop or the boss, here is my favourite member of the clergy as they all leave after the service.

All saints Day
  November 1st John Milbank lost for words!!
John Milbank


At the All Saints' Day Service there was a big surprise for John Milbank as the Bishop presented him with the Mellitus award for long service. This is a special gift of the Bishop of London to record remarkable service to the Church. John has served this Parish man and boy for over 50 years.

John tried to say a few words of thanks afterwards, but naturally the surprise and emotion caught him unawares and left him speechless. Probably the first and last time that will happen!


Well done John, you certainly deserve this special recognition.

  November 23rd Now we are four
This Sunday saw the introduction of a fourth reader to our staff. Here is our newcomer - David Howard -standing alongside the three other readers who were re-licensed by the Bishop this last week. So now we have four people in the Church who can read! What exactly does a reader do? - you may ask. Well, your intrepid mouse reporter is determined to find out, so watch this space over the coming months when I will interview each one to get the low down. Four readers
  End of the year - as advent starts, so we look back

As a special treat you can watch this "mouse video" taken on All Saints' Day when there is a traffic jam - within the Church. So, turn the sound down, sit back and enjoy the spectacle !!


Happy New Year from Wilfred, the Church Mouse

  Dec 21st David Howard is "read in"

Just when you thought the year was ended, here really is the last entry before Christmas. You may not know, but the boss has often liked to take his well deserved holiday basking in the sunshine of Thailand. Well this year was no exception, and so off he goes for his three week escape from Poplar.

Whilst he was there, he somehow organised a huge demonstration to sit in at the airport and so stop all flights from leaving Bangcock - thus earning himself two more weeks away. Finally he returned to us - but to be honest, the Thailand experience seems to have been just as stressful as looking after all of us Saints!

However he was now able to perform one last act - that of "reading in" our fourth and latest Reader - David Howard. An interview with David appears on the staff pages, where he now resides with the other Readers. Merry Christ Mass to you all, and see you in a happy 2009.

David Howard read in

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